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We'll send over your accurate home value report as soon as possible. Even if you're not planning on selling anytime soon, knowing the value can help you plan for the future.

"I cannot recommend Patty enough!"

Patty likes to think about numbers AND psychology and is driven by an evidence-based approach to doing things. She has a way about her that makes you feel relaxed and confident and she takes questions very seriously, giving thoughtful responses to tricky situations. She is fantastic and helped me in so many aspects and every step of the way. Her energy is infectious and delightful.  She understands all the nuances of the process and is constantly improving her vantage point with research and the desire to understand interpersonal and business dynamics.  I came out well above what I thought I would end up with and feel thankful and blessed to have connected with Patty.  I cannot recommend Patty enough!!

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