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3 Selling Strategies For Your Gloucester Home

Patty Knaggs

Making dreams come true is what I do.  My real estate expertise is based on 16 years as a realtor and 18 years as an investor/property manager...

Making dreams come true is what I do.  My real estate expertise is based on 16 years as a realtor and 18 years as an investor/property manager...

Aug 25 5 minutes read

Once upon a time, there was this house in Gloucester that perched on the cliffs that overlooked the harbor. You know, the kind of home you'd see on the cover of a storybook. It had a pretty unique style — mid-20th century meets modernism — with a tangerine-colored facade and a plunge pool around the back. Every agent in the North Shore thought it would sell in a day or two. They were sure. 

But it didn't sell.

The agent didn't market the house right. They lacked experience; the listing description didn't tell a story; the photos didn't do the property justice. It just shows you that, sometimes, selling a home isn't only about the home. The best Gloucester real estate agents have more experience and understand the strategies needed to sell that tangerine-colored house on the cliffs. Here are three strategies for selling your Gloucester home.

#1. Sell the North Shore Lifestyle

There are two elements to consider when selling a home: The home itself and the location. Bad location? The agent bigs up the house and downplays the area. Good location? Vice versa. Luckily, living on the North Shore, there will never be a problem marketing the local area. 

That's because here, you can gobble down a hot dog at Good Harbor Beach, learn about the Salem witch trials at the Peabody Essex Museum, and drive to Bradley Palmer National Park. 

In the same day. 

Still, few agents capitalize on the fact that the North Shore is an incredible place to live. There's little information about its sandy beaches, beautiful boardwalks, historic sites, or proximity to state parks. Sure, most people who move here come from Concord, Melrose, Lexington, or Winchester and are searching for a vacation home. So they already kind of know the area. 

But not everyone does. 

Only the best agents like Patty Knaggs and Heather Numerosi know that location, and the lifestyle that comes with it, is as important as the house when marketing real estate.

#2. Price Your Home Properly

It's a peculiar time for Gloucester and Rockport real estate and, to be honest, the North Shore's housing market. It's certainly a seller's market (for now), and low inventory and high demand for properties have made some agents a little complacent.  

Some agents price homes with the expectation they will sell. But this isn't always the case. That's because Bay Staters are smart. Those looking for homes here can identify an overpriced home a mile away. 

If you want to sell your home in Gloucester, work with an agent who understands the market. It's all about pricing your home correctly and telling the story of its best features. That requires skills and experience.

#3. Use Technology

The best agents use the latest tech to sell homes in Gloucester. It's always been this way. Before email and social media, the most successful agents marketed homes across various platforms to ensure maximum reach. Today, there's so much more to selling a home than posting a property listing on Zillow. The best agents are effective marketers who know where to reach the greatest number of potential buyers in one fell swoop. That place could be Instagram. Perhaps YouTube. Or it could be a 360-degree virtual tour. It all depends because no two homes in Gloucester are the same. And neither should their marketing be.

Technologies come and go, of course, but there's one constant — the real estate listing, which spurs buyers to pick up the phone and book a house tour. Experienced agents know there's a difference between a good listing and an incredible one and how using the right tools, technologies, and text makes all the difference between real estate success and failure. So choose an agent that takes the best photos for your listing. One that knows how to write a killer property description. And one that describes your property accurately. Otherwise, your home could sit on the market for months.

Working with an agent that uses the selling strategies above will increase your chances of a successful sale. Look for Gloucester real estate agents that can sell the North Shore, know how to price your home correctly, and use the latest tech.

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